Swap Finder Reviews

Swap Finder Reviews:

Polyamory is a new approach to dating where you take part in multiple romantic and sexual relationships at the same time, with the consent of everyone else involved. This kind of a relationship is unique and not many people approve of it. Therefore, if you are in an open relationship, it can be hard for you to find other people with whom you can enjoy different sexual encounters. Hence, you need a tool that can help make this process easy for you. One such platform is Swap Finder.

If you and your partner have agreed to open up your relationship and bring in someone new, Swap Finder is a couples dating site that will help you get the right partner to fill up the new space. The platform has a large number of users interested in indulging in different sex escapades like threesome relationships. With Swap Finder, finding a unicorn is quite easy.

Swap Finder Features

Swap Finder is one of the most sophisticated sex sites on the web right now. It offers many features that enable you to find out more about other users and identify ideal sex matches. With its incredible features, you can easily find threesome opportunities with mature unicorns that you find interesting.

Some of the best features offered by Swap Finder include:

Add Members to Your Hotlist

On Swap Finder, you can add hundreds of users that you might be interested in to your hotlist. You can then contact these users later on to find out whether they would like to explore their sexuality with you.

Flirt with Members

Swap Finder provides you with an opportunity to flirt with other members that you would love to engage. Flirting on the platform is easy compared to flirting offline because you are actually speaking to people that could want to hook up with you.

Send Emails to Members

You can send email messages to other users to let them know that you like them and would like to interact.

Buy Gifts

To show you really like a certain user, you can buy gifts for them and this will show that you are serious.

Send Voice Messages

If you do not like texting, you can send voice messages on Swap Finder. Doing this helps to build trust with those unicorns you want to bring into your relationship.

Blogs and Groups

Swap Finder has blogs and groups, where users share sex tips, advice, and experiences. These sections offer perfect places to engage with other members of the site.

Participate in Chatrooms

Swap Finder has chatrooms, which you can use to communicate with other users. You can easily identify a unicorn on these chatrooms.

Swap Finder Pricing

Just like many other dating sites, Swap Finder offers both free and paid memberships. There is a lot you can do with the free membership. However, the paid subscription offers more and better features such as:

1. Advanced search to narrow down potential matches.

2. Watch live member webcams.

3. Receive priority customer service via telephone.

4. View favorite photos and videos.

5. Send friend requests.

6. Comment on photos and videos.

7. View full-size photos.

8. View full-length videos.

9. View complete profiles of other members.

How to Find a Unicorn Faster on Swap Finder

Your success of getting a unicorn on Swap Finder will greatly depend on the quality of your profile. For the best results, make sure that you upload your real photo on your profile because people like seeing whom they are engaging. If you are a couple, you can upload a picture of the two of you. This will help you gain trust, which will fast track your progress on the platform.

The other thing you need to work on is your profile’s title. Your profile’s text should be personalized and able to catch people’s attention. You should tell other users about hobbies, occupation, and the reason you are on the platform. The more open you are about yourselves, the more likely interested unicorns will want to talk to you.


Swap Finder implements a great approach to match you with users that could be interested in exploring their sexuality together with you and your partner. On this platform, you can easily find dates with local unicorns for casual encounters or even one nightstands. If you are looking for how to find a unicorn, Swap Finder is the place to be.

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